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Tasty Pot Co

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Tired of standing in front of the fridge, scratching your head, wondering what to rustle up for dinner? Tasty Pot Co. got together with some smart thinking chefs and came up with a range of meals and soups they would be proud to serve friends and family.

Their low fat products contain no preservatives or additives and contain at least 3 of your daily servings of vegetables.

The brief was clear: To showcase a healthy alternative to the boring ready meals on the market that can be served in a hurry to health conscious people on the run.


Tasty Pot Co. uses no tricks or production shortcuts, just good honest healthy ingredients that they lovingly craft into small pots of goodness. We explored a wide range of visual material from cottage industry products and weekend framers markets to large FMCG brands to inspire a brand and packaging with honesty and integrity that would have maximum shelf presence.


The result was a visual experience that jumps off the shelf and into your basket. When you are walking in the grocery store and look at the shelf - the Tasty Pot Co. product is the only one the eye sees.

The brand and packaging was crafted with a sense of fun in mind. Vibrant playful colour palettes reflect the vegetables and flavours inside each pot, and quirky vegetable characters on the underside of the sleeve entertain and educate consumers of the different ways to eat their Tasty Pot.

The packaging has been featured on many international design websites and Tasty Pot Co. meals have won New Zealand’s Best Food’ Awards two years running.

Tasty Pot Co. has seen growth of 50% YOY since launched.