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The holidays are a maddening time to market anything. Everyone can relate to being over-saturated with crazy and eye-smashing christmas imagery. It’s overwhelming. We were asked to deliver an advertising and marketing campaign that rose above the holiday madness; and delivered a message of love, laughter and having a great time with your mates.


We wanted to be generous with our audience -- find something WORTH giving; especially with the time of the year. A time when lots of people get a lot of crap they don’t want or need. We discovered the ‘Coolest’ Chilly Bin -- a small start-up in the US -- that was making, literally, the coolest, most awesome chilly bin ever invented. We knew we found the best way to survive the summer.


We created a full-tilt social media-driven marketing campaign called, the Nando’s Summer Survival Guide. As part of the campaign, we gave away one ‘Coolest’ Chilly Bin a week for six weeks. Each winner got a chilly bin full of Nando’s swag and condiments. We found the results of the digital campaign to be completely explosive; with our 13,000+ entries into the competition, over 8,000 new Facebook fans and thousands of social media post views. We delivered our most robust media channel engagement; and have broadened the Nando’s New Zealand audience beyond any point before. 




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