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Line 7 approached us about creating a new brand from inception; their objective was to launch into the adventure apparel market with a powerful brand, that preached quality, technical superiority and the unique benefit of field-testing in the unpredictable New Zealand weather.


Our team explored the range of competitive brands in the marketplace; and identified the individual and singular difference for Line 7 Frontier... their garments are engineered with future proof fabrics. They want their products to perform and to endure in any weather condition. 


We delivered an entire Hybrid Content™ system for Line 7 Frontier, including: brand development, logo identity, product look book, web experience, commercial content and design the installation to launch the brand into the marketplace. With the launch of Line 7 Frontier we created a highly-responsive web experience, integrating bold campaign commercial content. Visitors are encouraged to explore the product range, and to go “Into the Wonder”. Line 7 Frontier now has all the tools to become a globally-recognised for engineered and intrepid adventure design.


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