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Kai Auckland

  • Scope: Brand Strategy, Design Direction, Website

  • Hybrid Content:


The objective was an interactive and engaging platform for the community of local fruit and vegetable growers to provide source and sales information to their customers; while departing from traditional social media fan pages. These organic food groups wanted a ‘homegrown’ easily accessible solution for their audience, whether they participated in social media channels or not. They needed a platform to create a connection.


We worked on solving the problem by designing a look & feel that was natural, and not corporate-oriented or cold and uninviting. Although, the platform needed to have a high level of efficiency and create direct connections to the ‘directory’ of organic food suppliers; we wanted the experience to be warm, pleasant and lifestyle-oriented.


We created a high-functioning and inviting website that acted as an informal directory to all major community gardens, fruit seller and organic farmers. Within the platform we designed and built a real-time map that worked dynamically to connect community members. The map evolved and took into account any new information on a daily basis. The platform also acted as a hub for event coordination for farmers’ markets and local organic foods events. And most importantly, the design delivered an accessible and non-intimidating look & feel for the greater community of users.