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Our client, Jimbo’s, came to us with a challenge: launch a new line of frozen dog foods to complement their raw meat product lines. The new identity and packaging design needed to fully integrate the entire brand and product families; whilst bringing a new life to the launch. We needed to elevate the frozen foods rollout, in way that made it appeal to the masses.


We explored a myriad of packaging solutions both visual and tactile; we reviewed multiple types of material and sizes; including visual design ideations based on the lifestyle and health aspects of the brand. The most important element of our research was to bring passion and credibility to the frozen dog food product packaging.


The new Jimbo’s frozen dog foods packaging was a contributing factor to their brand rising more than 20% in the category. The customer feedback from the client has been highly, positive as well - creating a strong footing in the visual space for the product lines. Both sales and customer feedback have contributed to the swift action of supermarkets nationwide; who have agreed to carry the new product lines based on the positive impact on the marketplace.




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