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We were asked by the digital content conglomerate Good Kingdom Group[GKG] to create their brand identity to drive their awareness in the global entertainment marketplace. GKG was built to bring motion pictures, original music, and novelisation products to humanity - the brief followed these inspirations. GKG requested a brand that welcomed all ages to their products, was not beholden to Hollywood trends and spoke of the higher concept towards low-cost, scalable entertainment products.


We explored the GKG creative relationship with strong energy towards synonymous business segments. We didn't look at entertainment brands, we chose to pursue high-end, luxury fashion brands. These brands create a sought-after product, an aspirational vision for the consumer and a deep narrative with name recognition. We looked at softer color palettes to avoid isolating the consumer audience. After this creative design process, we were asked to partners at GKG's Agency of Record.


The brand identity results are unique to the visual design aesthetics of the gravitybureau™creative team. The "King Lion" Logo is a combustion of modernity and antiquated strength. The shape and line work brings the audience into a future-proof experience. The cross-platform application of identity has exceptionally impacted GKG's investor relations and emerging market position.




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