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A small, 5.5-acre estate in the Martinborough Terrace Appellation in the North Island of New Zealand.


For them, small means beautiful. They focus their time and energy on perfecting and beautifying their land and cultivating it according to natural biodynamic principles.


Our brief was to take inspiration from the Martinborough region and manifest the visual design in a way that brings the style of wine within each bottle to life...


We explored many design methods for rendering the themes of the geography, the grape and the landscape.


We wanted to create a label that ran as far away as possible from the ultra modern labels of wine on the shelves today. This identity was egoless.


We wanted to bring the most classic artistic and design approach possible.









The identity work created for Cambridge Road is pure in its creation. A simple and clean word-mark was crafted to work across three key ranges, that sit within very different markets.


A dark and brooding design direction was applied for the Animus range, deep and complex in flavour, and typically poured in dark city lounge bars and restaurants.


The Papillon range required a much lighter approach to portray its summery stone fruit flavours. Watercolour imagery was crafted meticulously, like a vintner’s dream, to bear the colours and subtle beauty of the wine.


Both packaging and wine have gone on to win numerous accolades and awards worldwide.




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