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  • Scope: Website

  • Hybrid Content:


The client needed to completely refresh their digital presence with a new website; that brought to life the duality of their business. The client’s business is driven by video production & social change activations; working together, rather than isolated. The client had described a confusion and a lack of connective tissue with their dual offering.


In order to create an effective site for their brand, we explored designs that allowed the user to experience and explore a company with two sides to it; without reducing either offering. Our primary goal was to create an experience that welcomed new users and provided an engaging opportunity to view video-centric work of the client.


The results were simple and positive. We built a website that elegantly split the offering, literally, down the middle. Structuring the website into two sections that complimented each other in experience and allowed for the offerings to co-exist. The feedback from the client and their users has been overwhelmingly positive. They simply love it.