23B Pollen Street, Cnr Crummer Road
Grey Lynn, Auckland, 1021
09 306 4140

Our Creative Force

gravitybureau™  is a team and a collective. Under our roof is a core group of talented people who have the skills drive your brand forward. But we also have an extraordinary collective of people to call upon when needed.

Together we create powerful brand experiences: to change hearts and minds, to inspire and entertain, to engage your audience and grow your bottom line.

Whether we are executing an advertising campaign, crafting a brand or designing a digital experience; we’re committed to creative direction that resurrects imagination and delivers results.

Work With Us

gravitybureau™  is about evolution. Innovative brands & products deserve the best ideas, absolute focus & profound enthusiasm. We offer Strategy, Creative Direction and Design Direction interwoven with every stage of our creative process to share the most affective branding and advertising in the market place. 

Whatever stage we begin the relationship, we'll work with you to understand who you are, and where your sales need to be. We dig deep to uncover your brands core, why it’s relevant to consumers and what will maintain its relevance in the future. We build a roadmap based on crisp, measurable goals, driven by your enduring vision and our devilish attention to detail.


Visit the Bureau

Everyone is welcome inside the gravitybureau enjoy a few drinks & laughter together...then let's discuss the work, the wins, the lessons ahead. So, say hello and let’s talk about your world.